My apologies, alma

I think I started on Alma from the wrong end. My initial foray into the software was attempting to keep track of the e-resources budget through funds, ledgers, etc. I hated it. It seemed needlessly complicated and very unintuitive. I got very discouraged and doubted my own abilities as a librarian. I sulked about it a lot, and complained way too much to the librarian in the next office over. It was a big fail on my part.

But I may have just picked the wrong entry point. More recently, I activated a bunch of electronic collections, and that went fine. I set up SUSHI, and that also went well. Some small victories have really helped improve my attitude about the whole thing. I’m feeling less defeated, and I’m finding the software more approachable. As I went on about in a previous post, I’m very excited about the upcoming Alma Extensibility Task Force.

I remain very intimidated by budgets in Alma. But if I keep tackling small improvements in my Alma workflow, maybe I’ll get there eventually.

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