Task force

It is probably very nerdy that I am as excited as I am to join something called the Alma Extensibility Task Force. It’s basically a committee to work with the Alma APIs, and I am totally here for it. There are a bunch of reasons for this:

  • It’s a chance to work with some stellar colleagues. Seriously, the people on this task force are top notch.
  • I’ll probably get to do some substantial Python programming. After some time spent wandering in the wilds of JavaScript, this sounds very appealing.
  • I might be able to finally contribute meaningfully to the Alma work on my campus. Up until now, I’ve been lingering in dissatisfied way on the edges of our library’s Alma work, not really wanting to become a power user of the Alma web UI, but still wanting to contribute more meaningfully. This task force may be my chance to do that.
  • I may actually have some knowledge to contribute here. I’ve done a lot of API-based projects over the years, and this (I think) is exactly the skill set they’re looking for.

So I will hum with excitement in advance of our first meeting in January. Until then, I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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