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A couple of years back, I posted about how I had been working on my own SUSHI client. It seemed like a sensible project at the time, but even back then I knew that getting SUSHI functionality set up in Alma would obviate the need for my own client. Now, a couple of years later, I’m finally setting it up in Alma, and I am much happier with the new workflow.

Perhaps the SUSHI ecosystem has gotten better in the past few years, with more vendors figuring out how to reliably offer SUSHI endpoints, but I suspect that most of the improvement in the workflow comes from not having to maintain my own client anymore. Alma’s SUSHI interface is passable, and really that’s all we need. If the data is in Alma, we can access it in Alma Analytics for ACRL/IPEDS, and the central Office of Library Services can access it for their purposes too. Win/win.

Right now, I’m in the process of getting all the endpoints wired up so that data can be gathered with a couple of clicks. While that’s time consuming for this year’s harvesting, I am optimistic that it will be much faster next year, once it’s almost entirely automated.

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    Oh my, this article raises a lot of potential gotchas:

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