Sometimes it seems like there’s way too much work to do. I know this is a bit of a platitude, but it’s such a common experience in so many workplaces, it bears looking into. In my specific workplace, as a former colleague explained, the problem is that tasks are sticky. Once you do something once you will be stuck with it permanently.

It’s possible to lose track of the occasional joys of librarianship when your to-do list is too long and overbearing. You miss out on working on things you want to work on because there is too much other stuff weighing on you. This happened to me this week when I missed a conference proposal deadline because I simply did not have the spoons. I would have loved to go give a talk, but nope, it’s ACRL/IPEDS season, my friends.

I don’t have any solutions to these problems, but writing posts like this helps. It’s a small catharsis that briefly improves things in small ways.

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