AR, future directions

For me, holidays are a time to do a bilan, to take stock and to think about what’s next. In that spirit, here are some augmented reality things I’d like to pursue in our library in the new year:

  • Use AR.js to render text in the virtual space, not just shapes.
  • Explore more of the possibilities offered by the A-Frame framework.
  • Build out our AR game’s UI to allow for dialog boxes, quiz questions, etc.
  • Look at alternatives to AR.js. Maybe now there are other, more robust options?
  • Try hosting the AR game somewhere other than on LibGuides. (Because having access to server-side scripting — which LibGuides does not offer — would allow us to capture more interesting analytics.)
  • Finish a paper that Prof. Carrie Jedlicka and I are writing on this.
  • Maybe try to get a poster accepted at a conference?
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