Could it run somewhere other than libguides?

As a thought experiment, I was wondering if we could easily get our library homepage up and running on a platform other than LibGuides. On the one hand, this seems like it should be pretty easy, as it’s all HTML/CSS/JS. But nonetheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be some problems lurking in the corners.

Our page is a LibGuides group homepage that we totally emptied of content and rebuilt from the ground up. So there’s basically no boilerplate Springshare-written code in there; we wrote almost all of it all ourselves. In theory, this would make it more portable.

On the other hand, the carousel would break, as that is LibGuides-specific. But that’s really not critical to the site, and could be replaced with other content. Other bits could be adapted. For example, the script that fetches the library hours would need to be pulled out of the LibGuide where it lives now. It might throw an error if you tried to run it from a different domain. I’m not sure; I’d have to try to see.

It’s interesting to think about these things, which may someday be relevant. I’m not going to try migrating it now, as there is no pressing need, but I’ll definitely continue with the thought experiment.

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