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Mind AR

I’ve written a few times on this blog about our library’s augmented reality (AR) game, which we’ve been using during information literacy sessions. The game has been mostly successful, but we’ve had trouble with the computer vision part of it: sometimes the game identifies markers that are not actually there, and therefore shows shapes in […]

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AR, future directions

For me, holidays are a time to do a bilan, to take stock and to think about what’s next. In that spirit, here are some augmented reality things I’d like to pursue in our library in the new year: Use AR.js to render text in the virtual space, not just shapes. Explore more of the […]

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AR, part 3

Over on the Springshare Lounge, I was asked for some detail about how our new augmented reality game works, so I posted the text below. I thought it might also be useful to share this here… This [AR game] was built on a new Group Homepage, starting with a completely empty Homepage Template. Starting with […]

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AR, part 2

This was the first week of the fall semester, so our augmented reality (AR) game went live to students for the first time. Prof. Carrie Jedlicka did a ton of work to make this happen. The game worked on more phones than I thought it would (>90%?), which was a nice surprise. The students seemed […]

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I’ve been working on an augmented reality (AR) tour game for our Fall library orientation. Basically, you wander around the library with your phone camera turned on, and you’ll find some shapes floating in the virtual space, by the reference desk, the circulation desk, and so on. When you collect all the shapes you get […]

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