AR, part 2

This was the first week of the fall semester, so our augmented reality (AR) game went live to students for the first time. Prof. Carrie Jedlicka did a ton of work to make this happen. The game worked on more phones than I thought it would (>90%?), which was a nice surprise. The students seemed to like it too, calling it “fun” and “cool” and such. They also got rice krispie squares for completing the game, which they liked.

The game is built on LibGuides, so I also posted about it to the Springshare Lounge, and the random librarian denizens there were all pretty positive about it as well. It’s nice that people are so supportive of what could be seen as such a frivolous project. But it’s fun to make shiny, sparkly things sometimes, and I’m glad people are getting behind it. There’s talk in my department about expanding the game into instruction.

The code is on GitHub. Hopefully this project can continue, because the rice krispie squares were a big hit :)

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