I’ve set up an account on tildegit to mirror some of our library’s most important GitHub repos. On the one hand, this is simply a backup: another way to get at our code should something go particularly awry.

On the other hand, this may point to a new direction for our library. I have been unimpressed with the direction that Microsoft has taken GitHub since they acquired it in 2018. The tildeverse offers an alternative. Tilde servers are smolweb communities that provide services like git, irc, bookwyrm, mastodon, gemini, and many other such services, to relatively small communities of users.

The downside to tildegit is that there is a higher barrier to entry than with something like GitHub or GitLab. You need to have an email address on a known tilde server, which most people definitely do not have, to create an account on tildegit. This really limits the ability of most people to open a pull request or an issue. But I have decided that this is not really a problem for me, because I very rarely get pull requests or issues anyway.

Right now my tildegit repos are all mirrors of corresponding GitHub repos. But maybe someday I will swap it around, so that tildegit is pushing the changes, and GitHub is mirroring. We will see.

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