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I’m trying something new: cross-posting from Gemini. I don’t foresee doing this very often. It’s a bit of an experiment. So I had been using AV-98 by solderpunk as a gemini client, which was last updated 3 years ago according to the repository on tildegit. Anyhow, the recent lack of maintenance has been catching up […]

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I’ve set up an account on tildegit to mirror some of our library’s most important GitHub repos. On the one hand, this is simply a backup: another way to get at our code should something go particularly awry. On the other hand, this may point to a new direction for our library. I have been […]

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The smol internet

I’ve been interested in gemini for quite a while now. It’s a protocol that serves up plain text with hyperlinks, and that’s about it. It’s pretty much the most minimal experience of the internet that you can imagine. I think people like gemini for (1) its obscurity. From what I can tell, your odds of […]

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