I’m currently reading a book by Kyran Dale called Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript, and it’s super interesting. In my experience, it’s very unusual to find a fully bilingual programming book. This is a great example. Most technical books, for better or worse, focus exclusively on one programming language.

I’m still in the early pages, but I find the comparisons of Python and JavaScript really interesting. This is stuff I mostly know, but for some reason it’s fascinating to see it spelled out systematically and comparatively.

The tools described in this book are also very interesting to me. Long-time readers of this blog probably know that I have an ongoing interest in data visualization in both Python and JavaScript. I think this book hits the sweet spot between “stuff I already know” and “stuff I still need to learn”; it’s at the right place in the learning curve to be very constructive for me.

Anyhow, the second edition of the book is very new, so it’s (pretty close to) the latest info! Highly recommend.

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