I’m really taking my time writing some JavaScript for our library homepage. The current code (that I want to replace) is working fine, but that’s not the reason I’m dawdling.

I’m going slowly because I want JavaScript to move more slowly. In my opinion, the whole language can just slow down. I know that’s an absurdly Quixotic idea, considering how fast the JS ecosystem churns through ideas and code. But if open source has taught me one thing, it’s that you make your code how you want it, and others can take it or leave it. A very important part of open source is having code that meets our needs. If I want slow JavaScript, I’ll make it slow, damnit. (I know there are very real practical problems with this, such as ending up with codebases that are no longer supported, etc., but I’ll do my best!)

I guarantee that I’m not the only one who wants this. If enough people want a slower moving JavaScript, it can happen.

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