Code4Lib 2023

Code4Lib 2023 wrapped up today. I attended in person this year, as it was nearby, in Princeton, New Jersey. As always, it was really great. One of my favorite things about this conference is that I always go home feeling a lot more optimistic about my profession.

I was happy about the large number of newcomers at the conference this year. Having new faces in the room is really important for maintaining the vibrancy this community.

Also, I’m (finally) starting to feel like less of an outsider at Code4Lib. I’ve attended 4 conferences; presented at one of them; participated in the Slack; wrote an article for the journal; and even recently became an editor of the journal. You’d think I’d feel at home by now, but it has taken a long time. Maybe what has happened is that the importance of the social connections I’ve made are finally starting to overcome the impostor syndrome I started with.

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