Fall is here

The fall semester is starting this week, so it’s a natural inflection point in the academic year. Our departmental website committee wrapped up our summer weekly meetings last week, committed all the code we’d written over the past few months, and made it live.

Things are going to shift dramatically in September. I’ll be spending much less time on the library website (the prevailing theory in our department is that it’s best not to change it too much during peak use), and more time on eresources, as our contract renewals ramp up through December, before tapering off in the new year.

Nonetheless, I do want to continue working on the website (in a low key, probably late at night, way) to make the code both more concise and more modern. I’ll talk more about this project on the blog soon, but for now I’ll just say that I think I can reduce the length of the main HTML document by about 50%. (It remains to be seen if I can actually deliver on that :)

Be well, fellow librarians and technologists, and enjoy the fall!

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