We’ve reached peak summer in New York City, so most everyone is at the beach, and the library is in a state of summer hibernation. The librarians are still in the office of course, and we’ve been working on revisions to the library website. Our goal is to have a revised site live by the end of the summer.

To get this done, our committee has modified our methods a bit. During last year’s iterations, I’d take direction from our technical subcommittee, and work on those recommendations — usually late at night — until I could report back with progress. This time around, we’re making the changes in real time during our weekly meetings, which means that I am often live-coding for my colleagues. This is both stressful and fun at the same time. My co-workers seem to be amused by the way I flail around while trying to find the right CSS selector, and have expressed (admittedly very mild) interest in seeing how these things get built.

The result is hopefully going to be a better mobile experience, improved navigation and clearer calls-to-action for users. Hopefully we can get it all done by Labor Day!

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