Recently, my colleague, who is retiring soon, has been mentoring me on how to manage our library’s electronic resources. I’ll be taking over the function full time starting in September.

There has been a lot to learn. The learning curve has been steepened by the simultaneous roll-out of Alma in our library, which has added a layer of complexity to the hand-over. But the instruction I’ve received from my retiring co-worker has been on point, and things are being squared away bit by bit, so I think I’m being handed a function which is mostly in a good place. More needs to be done to migrate fully to Alma, but it’s definitely happening, slowly.

In general, my concerns are that it will be hard to please many stakeholders with a limited budget, and hard to optimize our holdings so that they best meet our students’ needs. But many librarians have documented their struggles with questions like these, so I suppose I’m in good company. Wish me luck!

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