I’m trying something new: cross-posting from Gemini. I don’t foresee doing this very often. It’s a bit of an experiment.

So I had been using AV-98 by solderpunk as a gemini client, which was last updated 3 years ago according to the repository on tildegit. Anyhow, the recent lack of maintenance has been catching up with it, as there are an increasing number of problems with the client with each successive Python release.

But I don’t want to dwell on AV-98; it was a fine client while it lasted, but it was time to move on. Since I did like AV-98, I was drawn to offpunk, which is a fork. It’s also actively maintained (the most recent update was last week). Offpunk has a lot more features than AV-98, which is kindof fun. I like the idea of offline reading (what if I’m on a plane?), and it’s cool to read other formats, from web to rss and so on.

Offpunk is also pleasingly janky[1]. As in it is a project that I could see myself contribuing to. It’s certainly not perfect but I can plausibly see opportunities to submit patches and issues. Plus it’s written in Python, which makes me happy.

So lots of new stuff to explore here. Happy to have the opportunity for further tinkering in gemini.

[1] EDIT – The janky problems turned out to be a result of my Python setup, not Offpunk’s fault at all! My apologies to Ploum! :)

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