I have recently swapped some of my responsibilities with a colleague at my library. I am no longer e-resources librarian, rather, I am now head of circulation. I am excited about this. At our library, many librarians wear multiple hats, so despite these changes, I nonetheless remain the web librarian.

There are things about circulation that I am looking forward to. Specifically, it will be nice to spend more time working with people. There are 6 college assistants, 3 student workers and one full-time staff member in the circulation department. They are all lovely and I am happy to be working with them. It will be different from e-resources. E-resources is a bit lonely sometimes; you spend a lot of time by yourself, working with spreadsheets and Alma.

The circulation staff are all very competent and self-sufficient, and the previous head of circulation managed the function well, so circulation is humming along nicely, and as long as I don’t mess it up, my interventions in the near term might be minimal. If that happens, it will free me up to work more on coding projects for my department and for the central Office of Library Services. We will see how this plays out; I am currently optimistic and excited about circulation!

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