E-resources (part 2)

It’s now been several months that I’ve been handling our library’s eresources, and I have a few thoughts. It has been mostly positive, with a few frustrations. My predecessor in this role prepared me well. Her system for handling the function is sensible (spreadsheets!) and effective. I’m grateful for her guidance.

Administering eresources makes me feel, well, like an administrator. While I don’t really have any burning desire to administer anything, it does make me appreciate the importance of the bureaucratic work that keeps our library running. It’s nice to contribute my part.

Alma remains a frustration to me, but it can be dealt with later. For now, I’m focused on the mechanics of renewals, paying the bills, and making sure nothing gets accidentally dropped. It’s certainly enough to keep my hands full. My co-workers’ guidance and institutional knowledge keeps me on track.

So I guess I’d say that, so far, being an eresources librarian is pretty good. TL;DR: I like it.

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