These days, I’m really working hard at improving the library’s web presence. In part, this means moving more content over to LibGuides. As a result, we’re using more of the features of LibGuides, specifically lots of custom JavaScript and CSS. It’s nice to be tapping some of these more advanced features, and it has been nice to discover that, so far, they work pretty well.

For example, I was initially a bit miffed that the custom JS/CSS for a guide was capped at 2000 characters, but it turns out that’s really not a big deal, because you can also put your JS/CSS files in a LibGuides S3 bucket and load them at your convenience.

To push the envelope a little bit, I made a JavaScript-based calendar, using this library, and LibGuides handled it pretty flawlessly. At one point, I accidentally killed all of the JS in the guide editor page by failing to close a style tag, but other than that I have had no problems. While the organization of code in LibGuides is not always super intuitive – it can often live in multiple spots – it works as advertised.

All in all, pretty satisfying as a CMS so far.

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