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On using a fading javascript library

I’ve been building some web stuff recently with a JavaScript library that seems to be well past its prime. A couple of years is a long time in JS-land. I deliberately won’t name the library, because my intention here isn’t to criticize; rather I want to point out some of the challenges of working with […]

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Up to date

There is more than one way to simplify code. You could, for example, adopt new abstractions that make things that were previously difficult, easier to implement. Of course this requires learning new things, and it requires pushing yourself a bit to adapt. Or you could stay simple by not adapting. By using the same tools […]

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May is library infrastructure month

In advance of a very busy summer, I have some free time right now to focus on the library website. So I decided that May is Library Infrastructure Month, and I have been going about on Mastodon pretending like this is actually a thing. It’s not entirely a joke. Academic libraries are very infrastructural projects. […]

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What I learned from 52,080 tweets

A few weeks ago, over the course of 15 days, I gathered 52,080 tweets about learning to code. I did this with TCAT, the open source tool that our library uses for Twitter archiving. I gathered all tweets that matched any of three popular learn to code hashtags: #codenewbie, #learntocode and #100daysofcode. What I learned […]

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Mapping libraries and archives on Mastodon

I’ve enjoyed being on Mastodon for the past year. It reminds me of how Twitter was in the early days. But Mastodon’s decentralized structure means that I find it hard to wrap my head around the entirety of the fediverse. For better or worse, I only see the parts that are adjacent to my instance. […]

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