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The thanksgiving challenge, revisited

In 2021, I posted about how I was planning to stay home by myself for the Thanksgiving weekend and work on writing code for my Open Journal Matcher project. I then went on about how great it was. So this year I’m going to do the Thanksgiving programming challenge again. The premise is simple: stay […]

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Thanksgiving debrief

So I followed through on my plan to spend the Thanksgiving holiday by myself, working on the Open Journal Matcher. It went fine. I put in four straight days in front of vim, and I’m pretty sure that I more or less cracked the problem that I was trying to solve. The goal was to […]

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I’m going to spend this Thanksgiving weekend at home by myself, with my dog to keep me company. When I tell people this, they promptly invite me to their family’s celebration in New Jersey or some such. But I’m actually really excited to spend the weekend at home alone. I’m going to focus on a […]

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