Since 2016, I’ve hosted many of my Python projects on PythonAnywhere. It has been a reliable and easy platform to use, but recently I’ve been worrying about its future. While I don’t have any particular insights into the health of the PythonAnywhere organization, the technology seems to have mostly stagnated. It makes me wonder how long it will continue to exist.

Maybe I’m being too pessimistic about it, but I am being prudent and looking for alternatives. I was referred to Replit, which I have been poking at. It is a different world in terms of functionality: it’s more of an IDE than a shell (although of course you can use the shell too). It’s more expensive and more modern. Mostly I just want git and vim, so the modern accoutrements are not big selling points for me; but maybe it will be around longer than PythonAnywhere, and maybe I would eventually warm to some of the fancy features. It’s worth considering.

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