November 476th, 2022

November came and went on Mastodon, without almost any mention in my timeline of the anniversary of the previous year’s Eternal September. It was such a non-event, I’m only getting around to posting about it now. I’m not sure why the anniversary was passed over in silence; it seems strange. Perhaps no one really wants to remember a trying time in the history of the network. I made some rather emotional posts in 2022, when stuff was hitting the fan, but like most everyone else, I’ve been silent about it since then.

Hopefully this lack of attention is because the fediverse has moved on. As best I can tell, there wasn’t a mass abandonment of the network. Most everyone that I paid attention to before is still there, but the conversation has changed a bit. We have some new problems now, and it remains to be seen how transitory they are.

Mercifully, the conversation about quote-toots has finally gone quiet again and we can now hopefully all go back to posting our usual nonsense.

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