I am a long-time user of vim. Vim is a terminal-based text editor. It can be expanded through all sorts of plug-ins to give you something similar to an IDE.

I have tried other coding environments: fancy IDEs, with lots of features. Even when I apply the vim key-bindings in those environments, I still don’t like them as much as real vim. I don’t know why. I can’t really explain it. Each time I try a new IDE, I’ll use it for a bit, but eventually find myself back in vim.

Vim has the virtue of running basically anywhere you have a terminal. So you can use it on that machine that you’re SSHing into. Vim will be there for you.

I recently switched from vim to neovim on my home machine. This is really not that much of a departure, rather, it’s mostly just updated infrastructure. Neovim is still very much vim. It does seem a bit less archaic in its construction though. I know that I’m probably being a cranky old coder, but I maintain that vim is an excellent development environment.

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    Definitely not looking to start an editor holy war here.

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