Pushing forward; pushing back

Lately, I’ve been trying to push forward with best practices for our library webpage. This has meant moving toward Vue and moving away from jQuery. The result is a more modern site. While a lot of the changes that I’ve made recently have been invisible to the end user, there has been a lot of progress behind the scenes on modernizing our code.

But I’m also pushing back. I know we can’t get into a situation where the site is unmaintainable by another librarian, so I’ve been trying to reduce complexity. Pushing back against complexity is necessary in the face of the (seemingly inevitable?) complexity of many JavaScript frameworks.

Pushing back can be strategic: we can pick the parts of a framework that help us and discard the ones that just make things unweildly. There’s no need for an “all in” mentality on a framework; a selective approach is likely more suitable for a small department like ours.

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