Vue 3

I had been meaning to upgrade our library website to Vue 3 for a while now. We had been on Vue 2 for some time. But there was a hard deadline for switching over, because Vue 2 reaches end-of-life at the end of 2023. Out of prudence I didn’t want to push up too close to that deadline, in the event that the switch might require more than a trivial amount of effort.

Anyhow, this weekend is when I finally made an attempt. It was a particularly auspicious time, because we are between semesters right now, so website traffic is way down. Of course, during the switch-over I did manage to break the production site for about 5 minutes, so I was glad to have picked a quiet weekend.

Aside from that 5 minute hiccup it went well! Because our Vue code is rather simple, the switch was pretty easy. Basically, I had to change how the Vue app is initialized, but that’s about it. Everything else worked perfectly fine when ported over to Vue 3. It feels good to be up to date with the latest version of Vue, and I am happy to no longer have that end-of-year deadline hanging over me.

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