CUNY IT Conference, debrief

My presentation yesterday at the CUNY IT Conference went fine; surprisingly I was not particularly nervous, which was unusual for me, and very welcome. The CUNY IT Conference is a bit unique, because while it is decidedly aimed at technical people, the talks are usually not particularly technical. But I just went for it and explained a bunch of production code in my slides. I wasn’t sure how this would go over, but based on people’s reactions, my guess is that about half of the audience followed the coding parts, which is pretty good, I guess!

I did have one non-coder tell me afterward that although he didn’t understand much of the technical part, the presentation still made sense. This was reassuring, because I obviously did not want to lose anyone in the details; I just wanted to talk about how things work. If the message of the talk was communicated in spite of the technical hurdles, I am happy.

Afterward, I had a nice long talk over coffee with a fellow librarian, about all kinds of technical and CUNY-related things, which was very nice.

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