Last week I attended Smashing Conference, which is apparently a conference of somewhat long standing in the field of front-end development, or so I am told. I opted for the online version, rather than in person, because it was cheaper, and because I was out of town on the conference days.

So I logged in from my hotel room and watched two days of talks. The ones I enjoyed the most were those that were more focused on code. For example, I learned a whole lot about new features of CSS from the first talk of the conference. But some of the talks featured no code whatsoever! To be fair, all of the talks were good; I just liked the detail-oriented ones more.

Lastly, there was a DJ, which seems a bit excessive when it’s 9am, when you are more inclined to focus on your morning tea. But the vibe they were going for was a bit festive and enthusiastic, and I am not so grumpy that I am going to fault them for that :)

The upshot is that I took away some actionable improvements for the Kingsborough Library webpage. I would consider attending this conference again.

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