A few months ago, our campus Communications Department asked us if we wanted feedback on our library webpage. Naturally, we said yes, and then didn’t hear anything for a while. But now the feedback has arrived!

It is extensive. I think our Website Committee was a bit shocked at how much feedback we got, and maybe a touch defensive :). But I think that most of the suggestions that the UX designer made are reasonable and constructive. There are a small number of points where I disagree with the feedback, but those are usually minor issues. As a friend of mine said, “those UX people aren’t always right.” He’s probably right about that, and I suspect that there is room for some dialogue between the library Website Committee and the UX team. But I think for the most part we are in agreement.

Anyhow, our Website Committee has convened a standing meeting every Tuesday afternoon for the rest of the summer to work on the recommendations. The goal is to have a substantially improved library website by the time Fall semester starts. We’ll do our best.

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