Code4Lib debrief

Well, Code4Lib wrapped up today, and it was as good as I had hoped it would be. It’s wonderful to talk to librarians who share similar responsibilities, interests and preoccupations to mine. I feel a great deal of mutual support and empathy for these colleagues who are on similar paths.

The conference sessions got me thinking a lot about what’s next for our library’s code. For a while now, I’ve been increasingly leaning into front end work, and this conference really made me want to go even further with that. One of the highlights for me was a breakout session on modern CSS[1]. It was refreshing to have a straightforward conversation about some of the basic building blocks of the web. It was inclusive, beginner-friendly, and pedagogically effective: exactly what I want in a technical community.

As a bonus, I met some Mastodonians in real life, which is kind of fun. Plus, I got to ride Amtrak, which I also really like.

[1] In case you haven’t checked in with CSS recently, you really should; it has come a long way.

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