Why we need version control in LibGuides

LibGuides doesn’t have version control. In my opinion, it really should. I’m not the first to suggest this. I am told that others have also requested this feature.

Hopefully Springshare is working on this. One of the hurdles in implementing version control is that it can sometimes be confusing. Git is certainly daunting to newcomers. But Google Docs has version control of a much simpler sort. Maybe there is a librarian-friendly flavor of version control that could be integrated with LibGuides. I think that this would be a big win.

Personally, I manage version control by keeping a copy of our LibGuides HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a GitHub repository. On occasion, this has been very useful, as there have been times when I’ve had to roll things back. As our LibGuides setup becomes more complex, the importance of this backup has only increased. An external GitHub repository is a passable solution given the options. But it would be much better if version control was built into LibGuides. I hope that this feature can be added soon.

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