Idée fixe

There are some well-travelled paths in library research. I came across one of them this week when I was looking for articles on LibGuides. There are a lot of articles by librarians about LibGuides. On the one hand this is great (we have a comprehensive literature!), on the other hand, do I really have to read all of these?

Anyhow, my reason for looking through these articles is that I’m considering a paper. The worry, of course, is that I don’t have anything new to add. But in past papers I have tried — and always failed — to express something that I can’t quite name. Attempting to communicate this as-of-yet unnamed thing is actually what motivates me to do this work. You can call it a “research agenda” I suppose, but I think it’s better described as some sort of fixation. Maybe I can try to express it again in the context of writing about LibGuides. Maybe this is an opportunity to get a bit closer to what I’m trying to say.

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