A new library webpage for the new semester

This week our new library webpage went live, just in time for the fall semester. You can see it at https://library.kbcc.cuny.edu. It represents about 8 months of work: 4 months of technical work, followed by 4 months of organizational work. I particularly enjoyed the technical bits, while the subsequent, unavoidable bureaucratic work was not as fun. But it’s done; the site is up now!

Some things I learned:

  • Icons are weirdly a challenge. We’re using FontAwesome, but we may switch to an openly-licensed alternative like ForkAwesome.
  • Bootstrap is a fun framework once you get into the Bootstrap mindset.
  • Working closely with a couple of other librarians really improves the end product.
  • LibGuides has some idiosyncrasies when you get into the details, but it is a much more flexible CMS that it may initially appear.
  • The Springshare Lounge is an wonderful tech community. There are very helpful people there.
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