Nanogenmo 2021

Okay, okay. I know it’s way too early in the year to talk about Nanogenmo[1], but I’ve already been surreptitiously working on my project. In my defense, I’m always way too busy to work on this in November, which is the official month for Nanogenmo.

Anyhow, my project is an abécédaire of nonsensical prose poems. I’m mining Project Gutenberg for sentences that are stacked with words starting with a given letter of the alphabet, and then mashing these together into one text for each letter. The resulting “novel” will be 26 prose poems themed around each letter. Hat tip to Christian Bök, who did something similar, but much more ambitious, in his book Eunoia.

If it turns out alright, I’ll post the completed “novel” and accompanying code to GitHub in November. In the meantime, you still have plenty of time to consider your own Nanogenmo project…

[1] For more about Nanogenmo, you can take a look at my post from last year, or the official Nanogenmo page.

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  1. Posted June 25, 2021 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    Update: it’s written! You’ll have to wait until November to see it though :)

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