One year of Open Journal Matcher

Today marks one year since I first launched the Open Journal Matcher. Since that time, it has averaged about 5.9K hits per month (although of course some of those are bots). It has also been included on various LibGuides here and there. It is nice that librarians out there value this work.

One thing that has struck me as peculiar about this journey is that a surprising amount of traffic is coming from a small number of universities. I am curious about why this is the case. Is the OJM being included in workshops, or some such thing? Is the traffic from one very enthusiastic librarian, student or faculty member? Who knows! Maybe some day I will find out.

Another thing that has struck me is that this project remains, to my knowledge, the only open source option in this space. I am curious about this, too. Sure, there is overhead to run a project like this (I have been fortunate to have grants), but I don’t think the cost is so prohibitive as to discourage other entrants. I admit I am a bit mystified as to why this is the only one.

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