Slow down, be thorough

Since (for now) the Open Journal Matcher is built without using a proper task queue, I’ve been spending a lot of effort handling the various errors thrown by my Google Cloud Function. This is both satisfying and annoying: it is nice to catch and handle each error properly, but it takes some digging to figure out how to deal with some of them.

Mostly, when my cloud function fails, I need to send the request again. Maybe more than once. I’m creating a lot of API calls, but it’s needed for the sake of thoroughness. I want the OJM to cover as many journals as possible, and so I’m willing to wait for a 200 response. The underlying assumption is that people will be willing to wait if the application returns the best results. My approach is probably not the most efficient way to do this, but for now it’s churning out the best recommendations I can muster.

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