In praise of the Springshare Lounge

At some point not too long ago, CUNY’s Office of Library Services signed a deal with Springshare for a wide range of Springshare products. Springshare makes various tools to help run libraries, of which the most well-known is LibGuides, their CMS. Since CUNY signed this university-wide deal, our library has actively started using many of these products, and they’ve very quickly become an integral part of our work.

One of the nicer features of working with these tools is using Springshare’s community platform, the Springshare Lounge. The Lounge is a technical community, but unlike some other widely known notorious ones, it is very supportive. What I like about the Springshare Lounge is that people are very willing to ask and answer questions at whatever level they are at, and the community will help them. This is very heartening. The spirit of helpfulness is refreshing, and is lacking in many other places on the web.

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